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AAA Band Rentals, LLC

When you rent from us, you get a quality instrument that suits your student's needs, your band director's requierments and your budget.

AAA Band Rentals offers only high quality instruments! With bargain/ No-name instruments, an irresistible price tag often reflects a low quality instrument. On string instruments, this can show up as very poor tone and setup causing both students and teachers frustration. Often the metal instruments are made from “pot metal” at a low melting temperature. It is difficult to repair, especially to solder, and adjustments don’t typically last long. Repair parts can also be difficult or impossible to obtain. Costly repairs and never-ending performance problems typically result.

We feel strongly that a frustrating experience for a first-time player is a terrible reason for them to lose interest and quit!

For answers to parents most often asked questions visit our FAQs page

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AAA Band Rentals, LLC
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Tel.: 203-416-6359

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