Robert Kunkel

Managing Partner
Harbor Harvest

Our "Green" is Blue.
Harbor Harvest is dedicated to developing the relationship between Farmer, Harbor and Customer. Our mission is to provide convenient access to healthy, nutritious food sourced from local and regional farms and artisans at a price that supports the local community – bringing our fresh produce, dairy, meats, seafood and more to your table.  

Our beef, pork and chicken are grass-fed, free-range, all-natural, and USDA certified.  You can always count on the freshness and excellent quality of our meats.

Bob Kunkel and Ernie Marsan, the owners and the vision behind Harbor Harvest, handpick the meat and harvest the seasonal produce as they travel from farm to farm in Connecticut and Long Island.  Our steers and pigs are butchered in-house, and our seafood is from Alaska and Gloucester.

Our Revolutionary Urban Cultivator
(First one to be used commercially in Connecticut!) is an indoor growing system that provides fresh microgreens and herbs all year round!  In just seven days, the herbs grow to the microgreen stage, they are freshly used in our own kitchen as well as local restaurants.

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Green Technology - Turning Norwalk into a
Sustainable Port

Watch for our Hybrid powered refrigerated boats in the harbors of Connecticut and Long Island as we grow our sustainable transportation system. Our vision is to connect Connecticut’s farms and consumers with the farms and villages of Long Island. Seaborne delivery to reduce congestion and emissions on your local roadways.

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